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This is an excellent opportunity for a Rabbi who is looking to work with his community to reach out to the Jewish soldiers in both the SDF and the NG at a military facility in his general area. Likewise, the newly commissioned Jewish Chaplain has the opportunity to suggest the recruitment of Jewish/Chassidic Rabbis as SDF Chaplains elsewhere in the state from within the organization, although this should be coordinated with the appropriate Aleph Institute contact.

The opportunities here are endless. This opportunity will not come easy as it will require time and effort to succeed in this mission. There will be Halachic questions as well, such as “What to do when called upon to minister to a non-Jewish soldier who is dying?” or “How do I deal with a non-Jewish soldier or his or her family asking for guidance?” and so many similar and very important situations. When the situation is novel the best source of support is your senior chaplain and the Aleph Institute contacts, above.
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