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Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum is the Chaplain of the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department, and reaches out to Jewish servicemen and servicewomen in both the Maryland Defense Force and the Maryland National Guard. "I offer support and conduct services when requested," said the Rabbi, who is officically tasked to the Maryland National Guard 175th Regiment in White Oak.
Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum

Atlanta, GA
Rabbi Zalman Lipskier, Director of Chabad at Emory University, Atlanta, GA, was formally commissioned as the first Jewish Chaplain in Georgia's military history to serve in the Georgia State Defense Force and Army, Air and National Guard.
Lipskier's was the second appointment of a Chassidic Rabbi to one of the country's 25 volunteer State Defense Forces. "I've wanted Jewish representation in the Georgia State Defense Force and National Guard for a long time," said Commanding General Michael McGuinn, "and I was absolutely thrilled when a friend of mine told me that a Chassidic Rabbi had joined the Maryland State Defense Force. He put me in touch with The Aleph Institute who is appointed by the U.S. Department of Defense as an Ecclesiastical Endorsing Agency and serves the Jewish military population worldwide. They sent out a request and Rabbi Lipskier answered the call."

Rabbi Zalman Lipskier

New York City, NY
Rabbi Avi Lesches who has been working with the Aleph institute in promoting and vetting chaplaincy candidates for the SDF, after having two other rabbis join the SDF Rabbi Lesches was requested to join as well as one chaplain put it "as the one promoting this opportunity it would only be right to join as well." So after meeting with his new command and others from the unit was Rabbi Lesches accepted as the new chaplain to the 88th Brigade, a Brigade that has a mission to protect and defend NYC from any type of attack from nuclear/biological to fire. The 88th is trained to respond and handle all type of scenarios; it's the only SDF unit that has a direct mission that at time travels beyond the state borders to train and drill with other military units. Rabbi Lesches interacts with all members of the Brigade which has regiments all throughout the city both Jew and non Jew alike. When asked why he joined Rabbi Lesches responded, what better way to serves ones country and city then by serving in a unit that's mission is to train and defend ones home town from foreign and natural disasters.
Rabbi Avi Lesches

Putnam County, NY.

Rabbi Avi Korer is the 3rd Chassidic Rabbi to be commissioned as a Chaplain to the United States State Defense Force to serve Putnam County, NY.  Korer, 30, is commissioned to the 56th Brigade of the New York National Guard.  “Like any other member, should the SDF be mobilized, I’m ready to help,” said Korer.  “I am here for the Jewish people as well as people of all faiths who are serving our country in environments where they may not have the spiritual support they need.”
Rabbi Avi Korer

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