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Tweet about your experience for each prison visited prior to filling out the below report:

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E-mail: ys@aleph-institute.org



Date of Visit:
Full Name of Institution:
# of Jewish Inmates listed on Aleph provided list:
# of Jewish Inmates attended:
• A full report should be completed for each facility separate from this actual form.
• The information you provide will enable Aleph to better assist Jewish inmates.
• On various occasions throughout the year, Aleph publishes newsletters to send to Aleph’s donors and supporters as well as the general media. Whenever you have a positive encounter with an inmate, please provide as many details as possible. Such encounters might include: a man wrapping Tefillin for the first time and the way he expresses his emotions; expressions of gratitude for your visit or for Aleph’s programs and packages; expressions of gratitude for learning and/or their connection to Yiddishkeit.

Note the names (with correct spelling) and ID numbers of any Jewish inmates that were not on your list (only provide the names of Jewish inmates (ask if their mother was born Jewish)):


Did any of the inmates on the Aleph list not show up? (Y) (N)

Were you notified of any inmates that were on the Aleph list that had been moved to a different facility or released? If yes, provide the prison ID #s of the inmate:

Does the chaplain at the facility appear to be cooperative and supportive overall? (Y) (N)
Specify any requests or issues that can help the inmates:
How many men wrapped Tefillin during your visit?
How many for the first time?
Do they have Friday night Shabbos services at this facility? (Y) (N)
Are the inmates able to light candles? (Y) (N)
Are the inmates able to properly observe the Yomim Tovim? (Y) (N) If not, why not?
Please write any interesting stories or experiences pertaining to Yiddishkeit that the inmates shared with you?
Note any comments that inmates made about the visit or about Aleph in general that might be useful to us:

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