Once a prison term or rehabilitation cycle has been completed, the next major challenge is to help the past offender transition into regular life and become an upstanding, productive citizen.

But there are some inherent challenges: Where to live? How to support oneself? How to learn to take responsibility for clean, independent living after so many years of confinement and dependency? How to stay inspired and motivated to stay on the healthy, honest, often harder, path rather than slipping back into destructive, yet familiar and seductively easier, behaviors and avenues of subsistence?

Statistics show that three out of every ten inmates released into the community revert back to criminal behavior within an average of two years.

Housing and Employment

As vital as housing and employment can be to any person’s self-worth, stability, and integrity, it is doubly important for people just coming out of prison or a treatment center. They are grabbing at another chance at life, yet the stain on their record and absence of money makes it doubly hard for them to get these most critical foundations for success.

Additional Resources

Aleph’s Reentry department can help you prepare for release and
reintegration, including assistance with your employment search and referrals to other reentry and social service resources. Please contact us directly for more information about our services.

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