Statistics show that three out of every 10 inmates released into the community revert back to criminal behavior within an average of two years.

Upon completing a prison term or rehabilitation cycle, the next major challenge is to help former offenders transition into regular life, and aid them towards becoming law-abiding, contributing members of society. 

Key challenges can include finding housing, achieving financial independence, adapting to clean, independent living, and maintaining motivation for a healthy, honest path rather than slipping back into familiar yet destructive behaviors.

The Aleph Institute Reentry Program is a comprehensive referral service designed to support individuals transitioning from correctional facilities back into society. We do so by connecting them with essential resources and services to facilitate a successful reentry process. Our team listens attentively to every unique situation, and helps construct a personalized roadmap for a successful reintegration process. 

Our referral service offers practical support for transition, including printed applications, information on local resources, housing, and employment assistance. While we can’t provide financial aid or manage personal finances, we empower individuals to take charge of their reentry journey. It’s the individual’s responsibility to follow through with the provided referrals, but our team is here to guide each person every step of the way.

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