Rabbinical Visitations

Aleph’s motto of “No One Alone, No One Forgotten,” guides our mission to reach the most isolated segments of humanity and reveal the divine spark within every human being. 

When individuals are separated from their loved ones and stripped of their dignity, Aleph reminds them that they are not forgotten. Even one visit can mean the difference between a good day or bad day in those challenging circumstances. Our visitations program currently reaches over 750 individuals each month, bringing glimmers of hope and inspiration to those who need it most.

In addition to the visits we do throughout the year, our Summer Rabbinical Visitation Program strives to reach every incarcerated Jewish man and woman in our database, so they receive a rabbinical visit from a rabbi or rabbi-in-training at least once a year. Even if there’s only one Jewish person in the entire state, and even if the prison is a two-day drive from the nearest city – no individual is too insignificant nor location too remote for Aleph to reach. 

Every summer, Aleph sends out dozens of volunteers to over 300 facilities nationwide to visit hundreds of men and women who are seeking the spiritual insight, compassion, and caring that the rabbinical students can provide. They have the opportunity to share personal stories, sing songs, and connect on a soul-to-soul level. 

For many people who do not receive any visits from family or friends, this program is a lifeline, the highlight of their year, and their sole connection to the outside world. After one visit, someone shared with us, “I wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to have two rabbinical students come visit us. I’m still overjoyed about the visit, it makes me feel like I still count and like I still matter, thank you!!”

To find out more about Aleph’s Rabbinical visitations programs, please contact [email protected]