Challah for Shabbat

Each Friday, the Aleph Institute delivers Challah to incarcerated individuals in facilities across the country, bringing them comfort and solace during their time behind bars. Before the challah program was launched, Jewish incarcerated individuals celebrated the traditional Friday night services with Matzah. Although according to Jewish law that would suffice, Aleph saw an opportunity to help Jewish men and women celebrate Shabbat in a warmer and more meaningful way by providing them with the traditional challah bread. The Challah delivery program not only nourishes their bodies but also uplifts their spirits, reminding these souls of their heritage and connection to something greater.

For many incarcerated individuals, the weekly Challah delivery is the highlight of their week! It serves as a tangible expression of care and concern, showing them that they are remembered and valued, even in their darkest times. One man shared with us:  “Eating the Challah every Friday gives me a taste of freedom, which I savor and helps me get through the week.” 

Since the Challah program was introduced, we have received enormous interest and requests for more. We are actively delivering Challah to 50+ facilities across the country and anticipate sending more as the need arises. 

To see if your facility is eligible for monthly Challah shipments, please ask your chaplain to email [email protected].