Military Programs

Operation Enduring Traditions

Aleph established ‘Operation Enduring Traditions’ to service the unique needs of Jewish members of the United States Armed Forces stationed worldwide. Aleph’s military program is the nation’s largest provider of religious and educational materials to Jewish military personnel and their families.


Aleph Institute Hosts 15th Annual Military Symposium

Five-Day Conference Features Exclusive Presentations by US and IDF Generals

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Services Include

  • Providing prayer books, tefillin, religious articles
  • Kosher food and care packages
  • Megillah Readings
  • Holiday Provisions
  • Traveling Torah scrolls
  • High Holiday Services
  • Passover Services and Seder items
  • Chaplain and military personnel Shabbat retreat and training
  • Torah study correspondence courses
  • Accredited volunteer rabbis
  • Holiday programs for 2,000 Jewish military personnel around the globe
  • Educational and religious materials, including National Liberator magazines, books, instructional-inspirational videos, prayer and Shabbat items and Jewish calendar
  • Support and correspondence with military personnel and chaplaincy services
  • Aleph House (Aleph Military Location)
  • Military chaplaincy training and support and endorsements
  • Religious and medical rights advocacy and facilitation

We Support Our Troops

The Enduring Traditions Program ensures the free exercise of religion guaranteed under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution for Jews serving in the United States Armed Forces.  Away from home and community, Jews in uniform are often challenged by not having the resources available to be able to study about and observe Torah and Mitzvot. A connection with their Jewish observances, traditions and prayers offers them a sense of family and community.

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To request a care package or any sort of help and guidance, please call 305-864-5553 or click to fill out a request form.