Awareness and Prevention Programs

Since 1981 the Aleph Institute has provided support to thousands of families dealing with the justice system. We’ve witnessed what leads people to making the decisions they regret. We’ve seen the way families are ripped apart by seemingly innocuous actions. We founded Project 432 to prevent these tragedies by helping people avoid making the mistakes in the first place.

As we all navigate the financial pressures of today’s world, we inevitably find ourselves challenged with maintaining our integrity—as it requires extensive knowledge of financial laws and halachos. By launching community conversations and offering education tailored to the different stages of life, we empower our community to achieve the highest Torah and legal standards.

Project 432 will give this generation the tools to live honestly and with integrity. It will ensure the peace of mind that only comes from making choices true to who we are. With increased awareness, education, and faith in G-d, we provide security and peace of mind for our families and communities.

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