Alternative Sentencing

In appropriate cases, Aleph’s alternative sentencing division works to craft, present, and implement alternative sentencing proposals, when invited to do so by clients and their defense counsel. These alternative plans are devised to restructure personal priorities and goals, maintain the integrity of essential family ties, and promote deterrence through fostering respect for our justice system.

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Our submissions are consistent with the following sentencing goals:

  • deterrence
  • punishment
  • restitution
  • rehabilitation, and
  • the protection of society

They are submitted on behalf of individuals who have demonstrated characteristics–such as behavioral traits, medical conditions and family responsibilities–that seem to justify a mitigated sentence and serious examination of effective alternatives to lengthy periods of incarceration.

Submissions are focused on ensuring that the individual is able to repay his debt to society while also helping to keep families intact. Many courts have imposed alternative sentences based in part on factors identified by Aleph in its presentations.