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Support to Soldiers at Ft. Jackson, SC.
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From: Blatt, Gary S.
Subject: Support to Soldiers

Rabbi Katz and everyone at Aleph:

Cannot express how much you support Jewish soldiers here, but I can show you.  Many of these soldiers ave not even seen a Sefar Torah since their Bar Mitzvah. In so many ways, Rabbi Silverstein is bringing them back to their roots.  It is said, "There are no aethisits in foxholes." Every Jewish soldier who cames to our service - if interested - is given one of your Chumashim and sidurim. If you could, could you send me 75 of each, and also include your Tehilim.

Many, many thanks.

I remember when I worked in NYC, Chabad had their Mitzvah Bus, where they would invite Jewish men in a put on Tifilum. I remember the impact, especially on those men who had not done so for years. With your help, we are doing the same here. I don't know if we are creating Bal Chuva, but we are reaching them.

Again, many, many thanks.
Todah Rabah.
Gary Blatt
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