We are Family because no one should be alone or forgotten.

The Aleph Institute serves individuals of all backgrounds and faiths. Our guiding factors are Torah principles based on acceptance of God as the Supreme Power and Creator of the universe and emphasizing the values of human dignity, thereby making the world a better place for all. All of Aleph’s services are provided at no charge.

The Aleph Institute, founded in 1981 at the express direction of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, provides crucial financial, emotional and spiritual assistance to thousands of shattered families – helping them persevere through extraordinary crises – while providing support for their loved ones in prison and mental institutions. Aleph’s benevolent mandate also encompasses spiritual assistance to thousands of soldiers in the United States Armed Forces across the globe.

The Aleph Institutes provides the following services:

Prison Programs

‎Visitations, holiday programs, emotional and spiritual support, religious supplies, care packages, educational and faith based programming.

Military Programs

Providing religious, educational, and community services to Jewish military personnel and their families. Endorsing and serving Jewish chaplains for the US Department of Defense.


Extensive advocacy for religious and civil rights on an individual level, as well as for policy changes as needed.

Family Services

Critical intervention for their families left behind, including emergency financial, emotional, spiritual and therapeutic support, as well as summer camp and education programs for their children.


Reentry assistance with jobs, housing, and programs that teach self-empowerment, life-training skills, and fiscal responsibility to increase integration success rates and reduce recidivism.

Alternative Sentencing

Innovative solutions to criminal justice issues with an emphasis on alternative sentencing recommendations, faith-based rehabilitation, preventive ethics education, and general policy proposals.

Emotional Support Programs

Providing support groups, therapy sessions, visitations, grants to support mental health treatment, and general guidance for those who are incarcerated and their shattered families left behind.

Education and Prevention Programs

Providing educational programs and awareness initiatives to give the younger generation the tools to live with honesty, integrity and peace of mind.

“When a person finds himself in a situation of “after sunset,” when the light of day has given light to gloom and darkness…one must not despair…it is necessary to fortify oneself with complete trust in G-d…..the darkness is only temporary, and it will soon be superseded by a bright light……Even a little light dispels a great deal of darkness, how much more so a light that steadily grows in intensity.”

– Adapted from a Chanukah letter sent in 5737/1977 by the Rebbe to incarcerated persons