What do parents do if their child has turned into a troubled young adult, inclined toward crime due to an untreated issue such as mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, or molestation—but they can’t afford or enforce the necessary change?

What if this same troubled young adult is already facing a possible sentence of years in a harsh prison environment that will foster an endless cycle of crime and punishment—how can the parents get a judge to consider alternative sentencing to rehab, a mental facility, or therapy rather than to prison?

At Aleph Institute’s Project Tikvah, based in Los Angeles, we are familiar with so many of these tormented souls crying out for help. We believe that if given the right chance and tools, they can easily turn their lives around and become productive members of society. We are there to support parents and patients along every step of the way, logistically, emotionally, and financially.


  • We help parents get medical conservatorship
  • We draw on our network of therapists and doctors, and contacts in addiction-rehab centers
  • We work with justices on alternative sentencing, building on the national recognition and 33-year credibility of Aleph Institute
  •  We help procure suitable medical insurance, pay for rehab and treatment, get adequate legal representation
  • We offer professional support groups and guidance for parents, as well as volunteer mentors for patients in recovery


Coming out of rehab or a mental hospital, reintegration into regular life can be daunting. Two of the most important things for stability and success are a house and a job. Project Tikvah helps ITS CLIENTS find housing and employment. In addition, we provide the support and spiritual mentorship vital for CLIENTS to remain sober and healthy while they develop their independence.

We are proud recipients of a Cutting Edge Grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles

To request help, please call 310-598-2142 or click to send an email