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The eradication of crime and the rehabilitation of criminals involves much more than the acknowledgement of wrongdoing and punishment.   Former criminals must be taught what is right to do, how to do it and why. 

The Adel Bas Avraham "Learning-to-Live" program facilitates three full days of yeshiva-styled learning, with the Spark of Light customized in-prison curriculum. Taught by groups of ten Rabbis for eight hours per day of intense learning, the program incorporates explanatory prayer services, ethics and Jewish law, Torah study and Kabbalah.

Society benefits when inmates rejoin their communities in a productive way. The thought-provoking study and practical application of the Spark of Light Yeshiva-in-prison programs effect a shift in an inmate's ability to direct and channel their energies in positive ways, which in turn enhances an inmate's overall sense of personal responsibility, with beneficial results for the individual, the prison environment, and ultimately for society.

Yeshiva-in-prison programs encompass the following:

  • Study Sessions
    One-on-one learning between Rabbis and participants, studying Jewish law and esoteric concepts in a personal setting
    Subjects include:
    • Biblical narratives on ethics and morality
    • Code of Jewish law
    • The importance of upholding the laws of the land
    • Responsibility to family, friends and society
    • Prayers
    • Kosher dietary laws
    • Jewish living
    • Faith and reason
    • Repentance and rehabilitation
  • Lectures
    A daily afternoon lecture centered around the ideas of personal responsibility, self control, and the skills for accepting authority
  • Diplomas
    A printed award becomes part of an inmate's personal belongings, and keeps alive the memories of learning Torah. Spark of Light diplomas inspire spiritual growth.

“I am 57 and lived my life foolishly.  The Yeshiva-in-Prison program opened my life to what I should do now and how I should live to know the happiness and joy exhibited by the Rabbis.  The change in my prison attitude is evident to those around me.”

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