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Your opportunity to perform a Mitzvah for the cost of Only a postage stamp.

As you may know, The Aleph Institute is a 29 year old charity that is dedicated to providing many services to "Our Forgotten People " , Jews in prisons, in nursing homes and in the military. These services include prison and nursing home visitations, free Judaica, family counseling, legal services, Passover food for our US military worldwide, and a Pen Pal program for our most forgotten brethren . . . Jews in prison.

My volunteer job is the Pen Pal coordinator for the 5000+ Jewish men and women in prison who have been forgotten by their own friends and families, and are isolated from their Jewish roots. Many are serving their time in hostile and anti-Semitic environments.  Those that now appeal to us to find them a PenPal, were once the doctors, teachers, lawyers, shopkeepers, and mothers, fathers, and children that you would greet with a "Shabbat Shalom" in your own synagogue or temple.

These same brethren now ask for your hello and friendship by a letter or greeting card... These Are Our Forgotten People...in need of a penpal.

Before writing to an inmate we provide you with complete details such as age, birthday, education, background, interests, family background, hobbies, release date, religious practice and other data given to us in their application for a Pen Pal. We try hard to MATCH people with common interests so that correspondence can be interesting and enjoyable for both parties.  Letters are not always required...receiving pen pal mail from someone on the outside is what is important...therefore a greeting card, newspaper clipping, picture postcard is also welcome mail to a person in prison.

To see the Mitzvah value of being a penpal please read our page of " Testimonials " where Jewish prisoners express their appeciation for penpals, and where people living in freedom related their experiences in being a Jewish inmate's penpal...being a pen pal is a rewarding experience, and a needed humane good deed.

forms. .Please read our FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) where you will find all of the answers and more. Our People in prisons need Pen Pals . . . a few minutes of your time, and a postage stamp. That act of kindness would make a world of difference in the life of a Jewish person, forgotten and locked inside.  Say "yes" and I will provide you with a PenPal who will forever appreciate your kindness.

" Helping the imprisoned is the loftiest of ALL charitable acts, superseding all other 
. " -Maimonides 1135-1204 ?Visit Jewish Pen Pal Site

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