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For registered members of The Aleph Institute, Spark of Light Correspondence Course programs offer comprehensive and learner-friendly materials, with correspondents to support and foster each member's individual spiritual growth.

  • Written and audio correspondence courses on topics such as Jewish law, Biblical stories, Kabbalah and Jewish history
  • Weekly audio classes and lectures on an array of topics

Wish you could spend your time involved in meaningful intellectual pursuits?  Would you like to broaden your educational sphere and understanding of Judaism in a low-stress environment and correspond with a Rabbi or student to answer your questions?

Aleph is offering several correspondence courses.  Not only will you find these courses to be intellectually stimulating, but you will learn things about Jewish customs and your heritage that will inspire and even surprise you!  Please review the list of courses on offer and send in your application on the next page.

  • The Bible for Clueless but Curious by Nachum Braverman

Designed to teach and entertain both the beginning bible student as well as the advanced one, this class explains the Torah’s stories and lessons in a new, easy to read, and exciting approach.  This class chronicles the events in all 5 books of the Torah, while also explaining their relevance to today’s day and age.

  • Kosher for the Clueless but Curious by Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf

Incorporating a lifestyle of change such as keeping kosher can be daunting at first glance.  Never fear! This course teaches the aspiring student about Kashrut from the ground up.  This is a perfect choice for the student who wants to know more about what it means to keep Kosher and why it is important.  Additionally, this course strives to help students of all levels and backgrounds find comfortable levels of observance for their situation.

  • My Prayer

Prayer allows humans to connect with the infinitely powerful creator of the universe.  This class teaches the basics of Jewish prayer and explains its meanings by following the text in the Siddur (prayer book).  For both, the experienced and those who are just learning, this class helps broaden the understandings of a person’s connection to G-d.  Additionally, this course strengthens the student’s gratitude for the multitude of kindness that G-d does for all His creations.

  • These courses are designed to help you learn more about your Jewish identity.
If you are unable to pay for the postage to mail in your question sheets, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.  The courses are free.  You may enroll in one course at a time.  

Each course is split into different lessons.  For each lesson, there is a question sheet which the student fills out and then sends it in to the Aleph office.  The student may send in one worksheet at a time, or all at a time - it doesn't matter.  Once we receive the worksheet, we grade it.  As soon as the course is completed, a certificate is mailed out and a new course may be started.

If a student has questions on the material he is studying, he can address them to us, and we will have a Rabbi respond.





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