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Incoming and outgoing phone calls, letters, faxes and emails are in direct response to inmate concerns, addressing the following personnel departments:

  • Wardens
  • Associate Wardens
  • Chaplains, Jail Administrators
  • Food Service Managers
  • Inmates
  • Inmates’ Families and friends
  • Interstate Compact Officials
  • INS Case Agents
  • U.S. Marshals
  • Case Managers
  • Parole Officers
  • Head of DOC
  • Classification Officers
  • Mail Rooms
  • Health and Medical Institution Officials
  • Halfway Houses
  • Regional Designators
  • Chabad & non-Chabad Rabbis
  • Institution Rabbis
  • Inmate Advocate Organizations
  • Governors and U.S. Senators

Kosher Food Issues

  • Secure Kosher food programs for inmates as a steady diet
  • Maintain the integrity of the Kosher diet-line once it is established
  • Lobby for Kosher food for sale in the commissary
  • Lobby for Kosher food in visiting room vending machines
  • Lobby for the removal of non-Kosher food in the Kosher diet
  • Require the authorities to provide a Kosher/medical diet in Nevada State Prisons
  • Prevent dairy and meat products being served in the same "Kosher meal"
  • Separation of non-kosher and kosher food trays and utensils (to prevent kosher trays being washed with non-kosher food trays)
  • Successfully request purchase of new pots, pans and utensils
  • Liaise with Chaplains to buy holiday food items, such as apples, honey, matzah

Prayer Services, Religious Holidays and Work Proscription Days

  • Make sure that “Break-Fast" meals are available for inmates on fast days
  • Establish and maintain the availability of Jewish services at prison institutions
  • Ensure that Jewish service schedules are included on chapel schedule notices
  • Lobby for the removal of crosses and other pagan symbols in chapels during services
  • Lobby for sufficient time for the conclusion of prayer services
  • Ensure proper provision of ritual items and meal plans for Jewish holidays
  • Lobby for the prevention of combined Jewish services and "Messianic Jews" when all are forced to pray together
  • Secure permission for observant inmates to don Tefillin and other religious articles
  • Lobby to ensure proper time allowances for inmates to don Tefillin and attend prayer services
  • Ensure that religious books and articles are allowed into institutions and available to inmates
  • Make sure inmates are able to perform Havdalah services
  • Make sure holy books are not desecrated when confiscated

Prison Services

  • Fight bogus and/or illegal incident reports and transfers
  • Assist in the recovery of personal and religious property not returned after an inmate’s transfer
  • Help to retrieve wrongly confiscated property and legal pleadings
  • Rectify retaliation from the authorities when inmates file grievances and/or complaints
  • Provide written documentation to parole boards on behalf of inmates
  • Lobby against proselytizing and discrimination
  • Lobby against the cancellation of Jewish services and activities in order to accommodate other religious groups
  • Lobby to prevent items that Aleph donates for Jewish inmates being given to non-Jews or sold at the compound
  • Monitor the irregular processing of incident reports that compromise the safety of inmates as a result of the impression to other inmates that an inmate is a snitch
  • Monitor and resolve problems with institution mail-rooms, such as mail blocking, destroying of mail and non-delivery
  • Ensure clearance for Aleph’s Jewish calendars with regard to over-size, staples, etc.
  • Lobby officials regarding adverse conditions of confinement, such as lack of heat or air conditioning
  • Lobby for inmates to participate in work release programs
  • Follow paper trails to make sure that prison officials pay timely attention to inmate concerns
  • Ensure that inmates have proper access to the FDAP (Federal Drug & Alcohol Program)
  • Request and secure inmate transfers intrastate and interstate

Religious Legal Issues

  • Lobby to combat anti-Semitism at prison institutions, including the conduct of anti-Semitic staff members, racist inmates, guards, and other high-ranking prison officials
  • Investigate and report anti-Semitic officers
  • Fight for Jewish inmates’ rights when they are being harassed for being Jewish
  • Combat bogus incident reports against Jewish inmates
  • Report inmate and officer threats against Jewish inmates
  • Secure religious furloughs during Jewish holidays
  • Continue dialog with the U.S Department of Justice regarding [mis] treatment of Jewish inmates
  • Ensure that PenPal applications are allowed into prison institutions and that the PenPal program is not thwarted by prison officials’ refusal to permit inmate participation
  • Maintain contact with Halfway Houses on behalf of Jewish inmates’ rights
  • Rectify religious problems encountered by "messianic Jews", "Jews for Jesus" and Christians
  • Demand the inclusion of Jewish High Holidays in institutional calendars
  • Address the improper treatment of Jewish volunteers at prisons
  • Request religious transfers
  • Review religious policies
  • Lobby to prevent proselytizing by chaplains of other faiths
  • Lobby to prevent proselytizing by other inmates and "messianic Jews"
  • Lobby to prevent Messianic "rabbis" conducting Jewish services
  • Ensure proper days off [lay-ins] for work proscription days/religious holidays
  • Attend to the multiplicity of problems regarding prayer services and Chapel availability for Jewish inmates, such as access to the Chapel at appointed times, Shabbat candle-lighting, observance of Jewish holidays

Medical Legal Issues

  • Contact medical departments with regard to inadequate inmate medical care
  • Rectify incidents of inadequate medical assistance
  • Review medical files
  • Request medical transfers

Immigration Issues

  • Assist inmates with the U.S. Israeli Prisoner Transfer Treaty during their incarceration
  • Advise inmates on proper procedures for making aliyah post-release
  • Contact INS Case Agents and submit letters of support to inmates facing deportation

Administrative Issues

  • Provide spiritual support and comfort to inmates and their families
  • Make calls and write letters to confirm inmates’ authentic religious affiliation
  • Respond to letters written by Spanish speaking inmates
  • Provide internet information to find biological parents, etc.
  • Maintain communication with inmates’ family members, advising recent developments and current circumstances and prison locations
  • Request job changes to accommodate and/or improve religious, medical or retaliation incidents
  • Review, instruct, and advise inmates regarding proper procedures for the filing of inmate requests, grievances, administrative remedies and appeals
  • Supply inmates with case decisions relative to the issues they have framed
  • Liaise with attorneys representing inmates in litigation
  • Write letters to parole board to help inmates pending release
  • Request and process Aleph membership application forms
  • Provide internet information pertaining to specific physical illnesses
  • Review and comment on civil lawsuits against institutional staff
  • Write letters to thank and encourage authorities for helping Jewish inmates

Post Release Assistance

  • Maintain communication to help and encourage released inmates
  • Offer Community Service to former inmates on probation
  • Help newly released inmates find employment
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