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Studies show
that children
of inmates'
risk of future
is now eight
times greater
than their

“Since it is not advisable to leave a child with spare time devoid of Jewish content - although the child may not realize this, in truth, if there is no Jewish content, the time is "empty" (as emphasized many times in our Torah which is called "the Torah of Life" - [which means] directives for life)"

– The Lubavitcher Rebbe
Studies show that children of inmates' risk of future incarceration is now eight times greater than their peers.
When a father or mother goes to prison, the children are the first to feel the pinch. When families have to budget and prioritize resources, the first thing that gets cut are after-school programs, summer camps and extracurricular activities. Children of inmates need these types of programming more than anyone.  Summer day camps and overnight camps provide an opportunity for children to create life-long memories and lessons while having an unforgettable time. It offers them the chance to be in a caring, healthy environment with other children that may not be  aware of their circumstances.  To have time away from the challenges they face and the daily pain and ridicule they endure. 
donateThe time that children spend out of the home also provides a much needed respite for the single parent attending the family while the spouse is in prison. One of the benefits of community-based day camps is that the family often gets involved in the local community as a result of the experience, gaining an invaluable, essential source of support. Overnight summer camps offer older children the opportunity to gain confidence and self-esteem vital to their formative years. It gives them the chance to make new friends and develop a sense of self, away from any turbulence that may be involved in their current home life.
Aleph needs your help to ensure that these children receive the support and gain the experiences they so deserve.  We are able to find space for these children in summer camps of good repute by negotiating low rates and making use of available scholarships. We deal with each camp on an individual basis, working around the camp's own unique policies and making all necessary arrangements accordingly. After the success of the last year’s placement of 44 Aleph children in summer camps, the numbers of interested families have multiplied quickly and exponentially. We already have over 75 children signed up for camp in their areas, solely awaiting the funds to complete their registration.

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“The best summer 

of my life.” 
--Son of inmate   

"There is a special advantage in the education that is received in the summer camps, one that is even greater than the education that is received in the schools. Being that in the summer camps the child is found in an atmosphere of Judaism and holiness throughout the 24 hours of the day (not only for a few hours a day as in school) and not just for one day, but for a continuous period, i.e. several weeks, it is understood that in such an environment the educational affect is much greater. So much so that during this period he goes from "strength to strength" in all aspects of Judaism and holiness."
                                                     --The Lubavitcher Rebbe

now and have your funds MATCHED in loving memory of Jonathan Stampler, O.B.M.
Partner with us in this unique and vital opportunity for these children!

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$250.00 [ Quarter scholarship of one child x 2 = Full Scholarship!

$2,000.00 [ Two Full Scholarships x 2 = FOUR Children!

$3,000.00 [ Three Full Scholarships x 2 = SIX Children!

$5,000.00 [ Five Full Scholarships x 2 = TEN Children!

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Every day an estimated 25,000 Jews are punished, though they have committed no crime. They are the wives, husbands, parents and children of men and women in prison who suddenly find themselves entrapped by a threatening and powerful judicial system, faced with sudden financial constraints as well as the emotional stigma of having a family member in prison.

Families are often completely unaware of an impending arrest. Breadwinners are whisked away and families are left behind in shock. Bills soon mount up, rent is left unpaid, eviction notices are slapped on front doors.

The trauma to children caused by having a parent incarcerated can be immeasurable. The emotional and physical severance from their mother or father leaves them bewildered and insecure. Their lives can become a rollercoaster of confusion and pain. What do we tell them? What do they tell their friends?

These families desperately need our help.

The Aleph Institute is the largest national Jewish support organization for inmates and their families. Devoted to helping families whose loved ones are in prison, the F.E.E.L.S family program provides critical financial, emotional, and spiritual support to help thousands of shattered families, helping them to persevere through extraordinary crisis.




Taking into consideration the varying camp costs, the average cost per child is approximately $1,000.

Our goal is to provide this assistance to at least 100 children of Jewish inmates.

Your donations will be matched!

Sponsorship of 10 Children: $10,000
Funds MATCHED to $20,000 (20 Children)

Sponsorship of 5 Children: $5,000
Funds MATCHED to $20,000 (10 Children)

Sponsorship of 1 Child: $1,000
Funds MATCHED to $20,000 (2 Children)

The world stands upright on three pillars: charity, acts of kindness, and prayer. The Aleph Institute is founded upon these same three pillars. With every individual donation, you are contributing to the happiness and well being of a child. Summer is such a momentous time in a child's life. With your help, we can make this summer the best they've ever had.

The Aleph Institute is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the highest extent of the law. Federal tax ID #: 59-2291627.

For more information, please contact:

Rabbi Shua Brook
Director of Family Programs

Rabbi Aaron Lipskar
Executive Director



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